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This is the official website of the Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO).  Check this site periodically to keep abreast of LPO activities, campaigns, and more.  This website also serves as a resource for people to learn more about the party, become involved, and get information about how to participate effectively in the LPO and the larger libertarian movement.  Check the other pages on this website to learn more.

Official Notice of LPO Business Convention
9:00 AM, Saturday, March 16, 2019 - Red Lion Inn in Pendleton, Oregon


2019 Convention - With the theme "Political Accomplishment" the LPO's 2019 convention will emphasize enhancing the political relevance of the Libertarian Party of Oregon to Oregon politics.  Libertarian state senator Laura Ebke (Nebraska) will speak as will Richard P. Burke who was recently elected to chair the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

Call to Convention - The Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) will hold its 2019 Annual Business Convention at 9:00AM on Saturday, March 16th, at the Pendleton Red Lion Hotel located at 304 SE Nye Ave, Pendleton, OR 97801.  At this convention LPO officers will be elected and amendments to the LPO governing documents will be considered.  As provided for in the LPO Bylaws, "Regular" and "Honorary Lifetime" LPO members will be sent individual notices.  Here is the agenda as provided for under LPO Convention Rules:

AGENDA -  I.  Call to Order, II.  Officer Reports, III.  Other Reports, IV, Changes to the LPO governing documents, V.  Election of LPO Officers and county representatives, VI, Endorsements, VI. Other business, and VII. Adjournment. (Copies of the LPO's current governing documents can be downloaded from the ORGANIZATION page of the www.lporegon.net website)

RELATED EVENTS - Laura Ebke, an elected state senator from Nebraska affiliated with the Libertarian Party will speak at the convention.  Current LPO Secretary Richard Burke, who has won eight local elections and now chairs the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, will also speak.  On Friday night, the evening before the convention, a social mixer and reception will be held in the hotel lounge.

COMING TOGETHER - Finally, after many years, it looks like the LPO will soon be reuniting under a common set of governing documents and a common set of leaders.  This is your chance to have a say in the rebuilding of your LPO!

ELIGIBILITY - Any registered Libertarian voter in Oregon is eligible to observe the business convention.  Any dues-paying "regular" member or "Honorary Lifetime" member is eligible to vote in the business convention.  You can pay or renew your dues by going to the bottom of this web page and click the yellow "BUY NOW" button!

LPO Membership. $50.  Secure your one-year membership to the LPO.  By joining the LPO as a dues-paying or "regular" member in this way you subscribe to the following statement: "I hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose."

If you do not want to pay dues but are an Oregon voter registered with the Libertarian Party, you are already a "registered" member of the LPO and may participate in candidate nominating conventions as a voting member, a candidate for partisan public office, or both.  But you will not be eligible to participate in Annual business conventions where internal party business is conducted.

LPO Membership and Lodging.  $140.  This includes your membership, as described above, plus a hotel room at the Pendleton Red Lion Inn.  This ensures you have a room on the night before the convention and will be eligible to participate in the convention on all matters relating to internal party governance.

Hotel Room Only.  $90.  This is for lodging at the convention hotel on the night before the convention,  Only the lodging is included at this price, not LPO dues required for voting at the business convention.  This option is primarily for people who have already paid annual LPO dues.

The Libertarian Party was active in Oregon's short legislative session joining a coalition which successfully stopped proposed "Cap-and-Trade" taxes.


Though the legislature is dominated by Republicans and Democrats, Libertarians have regularly been able to impact legislative sessions through lobbying efforts.  This year, Vice Chair Tim Reeves led the LPO's lobbying team making regular trips to Salem to meet with legislators, testify before committees, and otherwise advance the LPO's legislative agenda.

In this short session, the lion's share of our team's efforts focused on stopping HB 4001 and related legislation which would impose a system of "Cap-and-Trade" taxes.  The LPO joined a coalition of free market organizations and anti-tax legislators in a successful bid to stop this bill.  The LPO also took a position against a sweeping gun control bill, HB 4145, which narrowly passed and was signed into law.

LPO Holds its 2018 Annual Business Convention in Salem.  Delegates elect members to party office, endorse candidates, and back reunification.


C2018 LPO Convention Marked by Productivity. From right to left, Senator Kim Thatcher, the first sitting state senator to speak at an LPO function, addresses delegates asking for a cross-nomination.  In the next photo, LPO delegates listening to an officer report.  The event was held at the Salem Red Lion Hotel.

The Libertarian Party of Oregon (LPO) held its 2018 Annual Business Convention at the Salem Red Lion hotel on Saturday, March 10, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.  The annual convention is where the LPO organizes itself internally and prepares to maximize its role in Oregon's election cycle.  During the convention attendees elected members to serve on the LPO Judicial Committee and passed a variety of resolutions supporting Libertarian candidates running for office and supporting the reunification of the LP in Oregon.

Republican senator Kim Thatcher asked for and received time at the podium to address delegates.  Thatcher asked for Libertarians to cross-nominate her using Oregon's fusion candidate law.  She noted her work with Libertarians on a variety of legislative measures.  In keeping with an effort to reunify the factions of the LPO operating separately, Thatcher was referred to the Libertarian Primary election process discussed above on this web page.

The convention was widely regarded as successful, productive, and fun as the business session was preceded by an informal gathering the night before in the hotel restaurant.

Libertarian outreach to the next generation!  LPO participates in Central Catholic High School's Democracy in Action event on December 1st.


Future Libertarians?  LPO Secretary RIchard P. Burke represented the Libertarian Party of Oregon at the Democracy in Action event held by Portland's Central Catholic High School.

Each year, Portland's Central Catholic High School holds a Democracy in Action event in the high school gymnasium.  Representatives from political parties, public officials, and other groups work at tables while interested high school juniors and seniors engage them in conversation.  This year, LPO Secretary Richard P. Burke represented the LPO and spoke with dozens of students during the two-hour event.  The LPO, the Republican Party, and the Multnomah Sheriff's office consistently attracted the largest crowds among the representatives participating in the event.

LPO Members across the factional divide celebrate the holiday season at TopGolf, enjoying conversation, food, and fun!


Four!  Libertarians from both factions came together for golf, food, and conversation at the LPO's Top Golf Holiday event.  The sold out event was enjoyed by all.

For the second year the LPO sponsored an informal holiday event for party activists.  Last year, the event was held in Beaverton at Big Al's Bowling Center.  This year, at Top Gold in Hillsboro, members from both factions came together for good fellowship, to discuss ways to reunite the factions of the party, and brainstorming on ways to prepare for the 2018 legislative session general election.

The LPO's "Project Groundswell 2019" is making headway!

Capitol   LPO Convention   Vote  Oregon Map

WHAT IS "PROJECT GROUNDSWELL"?  This ongoing initiative consists of packages of realistic projects the LPO and it's affiliates take on each year.  Together, projects that are a part of Operation Groundswell will increase LPO membership and the registered voter base, along with our party's political relevance and effectiveness.  Currently, Project Groundswell consists of the following projects:

PROJECT: The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session.  UNDERWAY!  With a Democrat governor and Democratic super-majorities in the Oregon legislature, the LPO will be working hard to find wedge issues to split the Democratic caucus in order to stop new tax bills.  The current environment also holds opportunities to expand social freedoms in Oregon.  The LPO will have a legislative presence.  Watch this space for opportunities to get involved!

PROJECT: LPO 2019 Annual Business Convention.  UNDERWAY!  See the top of this web page for information about the 2019 LPO Annual Business Convention.  Officers will be elected this year and changes to our governing documents will be considered.  This will be a great chance to socialize with fellow Libertarians and hear addresses from a Libertarian state senator and Oregon public official!

PROJECT: Oregon's 2019 Local Non-Partisan Elections  UNDERWAY!  In May of 2019 over 3,500 positions will be filled in Oregon's biennial local non-partisan elections.  When Libertarians actively campaign for these positions they win 2/3 of the time!  While not as glamorous as higher partisan positions, these positions impact peoples' live most directly in the communities where they live.  The LPO will be working to elect Libertarians to these offices!

PROJECT: The 2018 Oregon Legislative Session.  COMPLETED!  Libertarian lobbyists, led by LPO Vice Chair Tim Reeves, lobbied state legislators, testified before legislative committees, and communicated with House and Senate offices to fend off a number of bills, most notably proposed "cap and trade taxes."  These taxes, while ostensibly meant to fight climate change, would have have no appreciable impact on the environment, would discourage investment and job creation, and was a thinly veiled attempt for government to get more of our money.

PROJECT: LPO 2018 Annual Business Convention.  COMPLETED!  The LPO held its 2018  Annual Business Convention at the Red Lion Hotel in Salem on March 10, 2018.  At the convention the LPO elected members to its Judicial Committee (to serve two-year terms), endorsed candidates, and passed a resolution supporting the current effort to re-unify the Libertarian Party in Oregon.

PROJECT: Building County Parties.  ONGOING!  The LPO is working to rebuild it's network of county parties.  County parties provide Libertarian voters and activists with venues for political activity where they live.  They make it possible for the Libertarian Party to have a true statewide presence while providing local activists with statewide reach and resources.  A vibrant network of county parties is key to providing support for Libertarian candidates and building party registration.

PROJECT: Building Party Registration.  ONGOING!  Simply engaging in political campaigns and other activities can inspire people to register Libertarian.  During 2017 the LPO will engage on a statewide media tour to promote the Libertarian Party, encourage voters to register Libertarian, and work with it's county organizations to build their profile through activities such as county fair booths.

Support "Operation Groundswell"!  It is a realistic and achievable way to build the LPO while achieving political success now.  Make a contribution to the LPO today!  Contributions made to the LPO quality for the Oregon Political Tax Credit ($50 per individual, $100 per joint filing).  To contribute to the LPO, just click the SUPPORT tab at the top of the page or JOIN THE LPO by clicking the BUY NOW button shown at the bottom of this web page.

Richard Burke Elected Chair of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission


Richard P. Burke, left, commissioner of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.  If you click on the right-hand graphics shown above, you can download the Commission's current "Guide for Public Officials."

Nominated by the senate minority leader in 2016, confirmed by the state senate, and appointed by the governor, Richard Burke became the first Libertarian to serve as a commissioner on the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.  After serving for a year he was elected by his fellow commissioners to serve as the commission's vice-chair.  For 2019, he has been elected to serve as the commission's chair.  This makes Burke the first Libertarian to head the board of commissioners for a major state agency.

It is the mission of the Oregon Government Ethics Commission to “impartially and effectively administer and enforce Oregon’s government ethics laws for the benefit of Oregon’s citizens.”  The Commission emphasizes education in achieving its mission.

September 11th Johnson for President Pizza Social Was a Blast!


Photos from the LPO's second annual pizza social.  The pizza made in the outdoor wood-fired oven was great, but the camaraderie was even better!  From Left to right, Scott Scrimshaw, Drew Layda, and Robert Rowe enjoying the day; Help us kick off the 2016 campaign season and show your support for Gary Johnson and other Libertarian candidates!

The significance of September 11th was not lost on the roughly 40 Libertarians who attended this party, and a moment of silence was observed in honor of all that was lost.  After that, the day was used to honor and celebrate the resilience of our nation and the freedoms we still enjoy to speak freely and engage in open political activity.  It was a beautiful late-summer day and Libertarians of all stripes and factions put aside their differences to come together in support of liberty, governor Gary Johnson, and his running mate governor Bill Weld.

LPO members Larry and Teresa Walton hosted the party at their home and offered homemade pizza cooked in his outdoor pizza stove along with soda and adult beverages.  Gary Johnson's Oregon campaign coordinator, Scott Scrimshaw, gave a fantastic pep talk after which he distributed Johnson campaign material for people to distribute where they live.

This was a fantastic morale-building event!  This was the second annual pizza party hosted by the Waltons for the LPO.  The Waltons have offered to hold these events annually, so watch this space so you can be a part of it next year!

March 2016  LPO Convention Features Presidential Debate!


From left to right: The promotional graphic for the LPO's Gary Johnson / Austin Petersen presidential debate in Hillsboro and Charles Pickens of the Washington LP who helped to promote the debate makes some announcements as Johnson and Petersen wait for the debate to start.

SUMMARY.  The LPO held it's annual business convention over the weekend of March 25-26 at the Embassy Suites hotel in Hillsboro.  The feature event of the weekend was a presidential debate held between governor Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen after a Friday night reception.  Earlier in the day both had high profile media appearances in the Portland area.  The debate itself was streamed live by three content providers.  About 75 people were present; standing room only.  The business session began at 9AM with presidential Austin Petersen observing.  Members to the LPO Judicial Committee were elected and other routine party business was conducted.

These are the headlines.  For more information about upcoming party activities and projects, click on the NEWS page of this website as shown at the top.

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By joining the LPO as a dues-paying or "regular" member in this way you subscribe to the following statement: "I hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose."

If you do not want to pay dues but are an Oregon voter registered with the Libertarian Party, you are already a "registered" member of the LPO and may participate in candidate nominating conventions as a voting member, a candidate for partisan public office, or both.

About Us

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in America.  Hundreds of Libertarians have won election to partisan and non-partisan offices all over America including some in Oregon.  As a party supporting both fiscal responsibility and social tolerance, the Libertarian Party reflects the values of more and more of us.  It you think you might be a Libertarian, consider joining us today!

LPO In Dispute

The leadership of the LPO and the governing documents governing it's operation are in dispute.  The Libertarian National Committee, delegates assembled at the 2012 and 2014 Libertarian National Conventions, the national Libertarian Judicial Committee, and the Oregon LP Judicial Committee recognizes the leadership and governing documents associated with organization sponsoring this website.  The Oregon Secretary of State is barred from taking a position, and has for the moment defaulted to recognizing an alternate organization because it is supported by the most recent "Chair of Record."  This is being contested in a variety of venues and we expect the situation will be resolved soon.

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